Looking to get that extra edge? This year Men’s Health partnered with bloggers around the country who are tracking their training and sharing their expertise as they train for the URBANATHLON.


Daniel & Laurie


Training for: San Francisco
About Daniel and Laurie: This is Daniel and I’m Laurie.  We have been together for as long as anyone can remember. Daniel is a Chicago boy who moved to California as a kid.  And I’m a true Southern California girl. Our lives usually consists of child wrangling our three kids, soccer games, and frequent trips to Disneyland.  Daniel loves Disneyland so much he has another podcast dedicated to it. The DisGeek Podcast!

Life is too short to just sit on the couch (or clean house, or do laundry…) so we are always on the go. We love trying new things and sharing adventures together.  Obstacle racing has allowed us to experience some great things and bring our kids along for the ride. Our Secret to Happiness? Lots of laughter and never taking ourselves too seriously.

Zach Freeman


Training for: Chicago
About Zach: I live in Chicago and review racing events for NewCity. I started this blog so I could put up more pictures or comments about anything running-related that I can't include in an article or review. I try to be at as many races as possible in the Chicago area, which means I'm usually running at least one race a week. If you're planning to be at any upcoming races, let me know!

Chris Malenab


Training for: San Francisco
About Chris: Recently, I have been accepted as part of the San Francisco Marathon Ambassador team for the #SFM2013. Back in 2004, I decided to run my first marathon as a "thing to do" and say I did at least one. After that marathon, I vowed to myself to never run another marathon again. The feeling I felt for 2 weeks after probably resembled that of being hit by a semi-truck in the legs. From June 2004 through the end of 2005, I did not run a single race and in fact thought I would never pick up the sport of running again.

In 2006 my next marathon year occurred after the birth of my god son William, I ran my second marathon and first ever California International Marathon. During this run I raised money for the Hydrocephalus Association. This brought a whole new inspiration on why I run and what running means to me. Since my first marathon I have ran over 10 marathons to date. I have also ran a high number of half marathons, 10k, 5k, and other distance races. I continue to love the sport more and more, and have gone from just a runner to a running fanatic. 

In the end I guess I keep running because of the things that this little warrior has taught me and reminds everyday. Don't take the small things for granted. Sometimes that small thing is just the ability to be physically strong enough to take one step forward on our own, or in my case to run step after step. The ability to use motor skills and use them to gain personal achievements but also help with awareness. On those days where my muscles are sore or legs are tired, I get to realize who that feeling is so important because some people will never be able to have that same sensation not because they choose not to but because they physically have been limited due to their disabilities.

So this is part of the reason I run. There are plenty of similar stories out there for why people run and who they run for. I thought I would just share mine. So when people ask why I run? I "Run 4 Will". 

Heather Gannoe


Training for: San Francisco
About Heather: Once upon a time I was a nomadic surfer girl who spent her days floating in the ocean and her nights slinging cheeseburgers and beer for a living as a waitress in a resort town, without much of a care in the world. And then, I unexpectedly became a mom. And soon after, in an attempt to shed some pregnancy weight, I unexpectedly fell in love with running. And though it may sound silly to some, running changed my life. With a sudden sense of a much greater purpose, I went back to school and spent 4 crazy years busting my butt to get earn a BS in exercise and sport science.

Oh, and spent some of that time growing another baby.Now, a proud mom of two boys,  I am an ACSM certified Health Fitness Specialist who has an undying passion to motivate people to become active and healthy. I'm truly convinced exercise will save the world.

I am obsessed with collecting race medals, but only when properly earned.  I am addicted to obstacle course racing and mud runs.  I seek trails, and though I still road race,  the thought of running on flat pavement for countless miles makes my eye twitch. I cannot get enough of the mountains.  I try to love triathlons but I'm not sure they love me back.  My fitness professional idol is Richard Simmons, I hate peanut butter, and I can't stand to sit still for long periods of time, which often makes my job as a writer a difficult task.  Fitness is my passion.  Housework (laundry, dishes, you catch the drift) is my nemesis. I am sarcastic, loving, and I tend to "over share"

This is my blog. These are my never ending adventures. Join me for a few miles...

Dustin Hassard


Training for: New York
About Dustin: Fitness to me is a pleasure, a lifestyle. It shouldn’t be something you have to do,
but something you want to do.

Jake Thompson


About Jake: I'm an entrepreneur, traveler, and athlete passionate about living an active lifestyle. I'm a born & bred Texan and the Founder + Chief Encouragement Officer of the international apparel brand Compete Every Day. Absolutely love CrossFit, races, and taking on new challenges from my bucket list.

Life is too short to sit around and talk about it. Live bigger.